Did you ever want to transform a space in your home or office into a unique, one of a kind respite that you will love to enter into?

For your home, create your own sanctuary with a hand painted trompe l oie of favorite location, a garden paradise with florals, birds and butterflies, fantastic creatures that come to life, cherished memories of a time gone by.

For businesses, create a collage of images, using your logo and elements of your business, displayed on the walls of your entry that your clients can appreciate as they wait for their appointment.

The possibilities are endless and so are the sizes from a small portion of a wall to entire rooms, floor to ceiling.

Murals can be painted directly on the existing walls and ceiling or on canvas and mounted like wallpaper.

All murals go thru a design stage that begins with the idea collaboration between Francesca and the client, rough sketches, modified sketches (if necessary), final color sketch prior to the commencement of the mural.

Past locals;

Residential homes – foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, adult and children’s bedrooms, wine cellars, rec rooms and finished basements.Businesses – Offices, Salons, Restaurants

Turn your walls into a work of art that you will enjoy for years to come.