Artist Statement

I consider myself a contemporary realist painter who utilizes techniques from old masters of the late 19 thru early 20 centuries. My current body of work reflects realism as I see it. I work from life as much as possible, reference photos and refine by using my artistic eye to complete my pieces.

My concentration is composing my subject matter to portray the objects beauty and unique textural quality brought forth through a technical approach of drawing accuracy and the delicate balance of light and shadows. I employ the ciaroscurro technique of old European masters for underpainting in my acrylics and add vibrant colors to bring them to life. My pastels initially incorporate loose application of the medium and vivid colors from impressionistic influence. 

My ultimate goal is to relay my vision, passion and emotional connection that I have to my subject matter through carefully planned compositional elements, accurate depiction of form and purposeful rendering in hopes that my viewer takes away a sense of understanding of my intent of each work and have a connection to it, grasping the attraction that impassioned me to paint it.

It is important to me that my work gives the viewer a sense of warmth and reflection. Be it landscape, still life, figurative, or portrait all have enticing elements which I will continue to explore.


Artist Bio

Fine Artist / Instructor

Francesca, from a young age, has always loved creating art and knew her passion to pursue. She studied at Du Crete School of Art, Ringling College of Art & Design and is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Illustration and a concentration using acrylics and pastels. She possess over 35 years of art and 15 years of teaching experience. 

Upon commencing her career as an Artist her interest was mural painting using acrylics in the traditional brush method as well as airbrush. She enjoyed working large, transforming spaces into unique, one of a kind atmosphere. Her murals decorate many residential and commercial spaces throughout NJ. Later in her artistic career she adopted monument engraving being attracted to its drawing capabilities. Found it to be artistically stimulating and challenging and has continued using the medium.

Francesca’s desire to produce finer pieces has grown over the years with her concentration being mainly in this area today. She is accomplished using acrylic, pastels and charcoal and genre range from landscapes, still life, figurative and portraits. 

She enjoys sharing her passion and experience with others, teaching children and adults, beginner to advanced. She instructs classes in pastels, acrylic, polymer clay and all drawing mediums. The fundamentals of, perspective, form, value, atmospheric and light effects as well as composition and conceptual thinking are the basis of my teaching.

Currently, represented by the ACL Gallery, Livingston NJ, and various exhibits in NJ as well as held in private collections. She is a member of the PSNJ, Art Centre at Riker Hill, Riker Hill Art Association and Morris County Art Assoc. Please visit her website for current available work and a list of exhibits. www.Francescapelaggi.com

Francesca looks forward to continuing her career as an artist/instructor and expressing her vision to others. 

Please view the galleries for artwork that is for sale and calendar of event of shows and classes.


Did you ever want to transform a space in your home or office into a unique, one of a kind respite that you will love to enter into?

For your home, create your own sanctuary with a hand painted trompe l oie of favorite location, a garden paradise with florals, birds and butterflies, fantastic creatures that come to life, cherished memories of a time gone by.

For businesses, create a collage of images, using your logo and elements of your business, displayed on the walls of your entry that your clients can appreciate as they wait for their appointment.

The possibilities are endless and so are the sizes from a small portion of a wall to entire rooms, floor to ceiling.

Murals can be painted directly on the existing walls and ceiling or on canvas and mounted like wallpaper.

All murals go thru a design stage that begins with the idea collaboration between Francesca and the client, rough sketches, modified sketches (if necessary), final color sketch prior to the commencement of the mural.

Past locals;

Residential homes – foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, adult and children’s bedrooms, wine cellars, rec rooms and finished basements.Businesses – Offices, Salons, Restaurants

Turn your walls into a work of art that you will enjoy for years to come.